Where to Spend Your Money and Where to Save When Upgrading Countertops

New countertops are a smart way to upgrade a space. Counters take up a lot of space and are instantly noticeable. A chipped countertop detracts from the look of your home. Money spent on new countertops is always money well spent. However, don’t feel that you have to spend a lot to improve your counters; there are areas where it makes sense to spend and other instances where it’s okay to save when you decide to upgrade.


Never skimp on kitchen countertops in a high-end home. If you’re a builder or flipper, understand that buyers in high-end markets demand high-end finishes. Likewise, if you’re remodeling your own home, get the best countertops that your budget allows. Quality counters will last for decades. Cheap counters may start out looking great, but their looks will quickly fade. Save money on the backsplash material; backsplashes don’t have to stand up to the wear and tear that counters do.

For the kitchen, choose counter materials that resist staining and heat.


The bathroom is another area where you want quality counters. Bathroom counters have to be able to stand up to the heat from styling tools, as well as moisture; make sure the ones you choose are both heat and moisture-resistant.

Bar areas

Bar areas in a home generally get less use than both kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re looking for a place to save money on countertops, the bar area is the perfect spot. You can use lower quality material in the bar area. However, make sure it’s not cheap-looking and that it’s not going to chip or crack in a few months.

Rental property

Depending on where the property is, you may want to use a less expensive countertop material than you would use on your own. However, if the rental property is in an expensive neighborhood or complex, renters will expect high-quality materials, otherwise they will pass on the property.

When choosing countertops, keep in mind that you’re not saving money if you have to replace them in a year. Often, buying better quality countertops works out to be less expensive when you consider how long they’ll last.